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*Photography provided by the lovely and talented Lauren Roloff.

Celebrating Every Drop!

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Tallahassee Lactation Care

P.O. Box 3662

​Tallahasssee, FL 32315

Payment Methods

TLC accepts credit/debit cards, checks, and PayPal.  Cash is always welcome! Payment is due at time of service.

A few words about my fee...

While I would love to help every breastfeeding mom for free, I also have babies of my own to feed.  If you find you are unable to afford my services, ask me about a barter or for information about one of the many free breastfeeding support groups around town!

Gift Certificates!

Expecting Tallahassee families love to receive TLC gift certificates. They make a lovely and practical baby shower gift.  The new family can use the gift certificate as a private, prenatal breastfeeding class or an IBCLC visit once the baby has arrived.  

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